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Maggie Lindemann - SUCKERPUNCH [Green]


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On 'SUCKERPUNCH', Maggie melds "hyperpop" and "glam goth" sounds that she discovered while quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic. Songs such as "self-sabotage" and "i'm so lonely" allowed her to realize the potential of her sound. Maggie calls it "an unexpected punch, a blow you didn't see coming." As heard on tracks like "she knows it" and "break me!", 'SUCKERPUNCH' builds on what devoted Maggie Lindemann admirers already love, while introducing new levels of sophistication in her songwriting, storytelling, and vocal performance.Limited green colored vinyl LP pressing. 


Maggie Lindemann - SUCKERPUNCH [Green]
Maggie Lindemann - SUCKERPUNCH [Green]

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