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Heiko Voss - 3:30 Minutes To Live

3:30 Minutes To Live

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Vinyl LP pressing. Heiko Voss has earned near mythical status as a torchbearer for the emotional, deeply felt and quietly radical style of electronic music. There is something definitive and newly confident in 3:30 Minutes To Live that has it feeling like a real statement of intent if compared to his earlier releases. "Although it's not, 3:30 Minutes To Live feels like my debut album," Voss reflects. "All releases before were more song sketches or electronic dance tracks." Bunkering down in Teary Eyes Studio, Voss worked up somewhere between thirty and forty sketches of songs, which he whittled down to the twelve collected here, all of them situated in a unique space, but very much in accord with Voss's defining aesthetic, which he describes as "indie pop music with a lot of guitar, electronic elements and a great love for melancholic '80s synth-lines."


Heiko Voss - 3:30 Minutes To Live
Heiko Voss - 3:30 Minutes To Live

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