Creed - Greatest Hits [Etched 2LP]

Greatest Hits [Etched 2LP]

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Celebrate Creed's iconic sound with the "Greatest Hits" vinyl, a comprehensive collection that spans their illustrious career. This 2-LP set features all the key tracks from their multi-platinum albums—My Own Prison, Human Clay, and Weathered—including Grammy-winning hits like "With Arms Wide Open," as well as fan favorites such as "Higher," "One Last Breath," and "My Sacrifice." Each song exemplifies the band’s powerful blend of hard rock and introspective lyrics that have resonated with millions worldwide.

This special edition not only showcases fourteen tracks of Creed’s compelling music but also includes an artistically etched Side-D, adding a unique visual element to the auditory experience. The vinyl format enhances these anthemic tracks, providing fans and collectors with a dynamic listening experience that captures the essence of Creed's impact on rock music. Perfect for both new listeners and longtime fans, this "Greatest Hits" compilation is an essential addition to any vinyl collection, celebrating Creed's legacy as one of the hard rock titans of their time.


Creed - Greatest Hits [Etched 2LP]
Creed - Greatest Hits [Etched 2LP]

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