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Black Orchid Empire - Tempus Veritas

Tempus Veritas

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Vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Blending elements of contemporary AOR, melodic rock, and Djent, Black Orchid Empire presents a progressive sound that is as polished as it is technical, as fresh as it is familiar, and as melodic as it is hard hitting. Since it's debut in 2016, the London-based trio's star has been on the rise as they corner the active rock market in the U.K. Now, with 'Tempus Veritas,' the band is ready to take it to the next level. Conceptually, the album is a collection of stories that seeks to find compelling imaginary narratives hidden away in history as we know it. If predecessor 'Semaphore' was an album of Sci-Fi, this is an album of Hi-Fi.


Black Orchid Empire - Tempus Veritas
Black Orchid Empire - Tempus Veritas

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