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Ak’chamel - A Mournful Kingdom Of Sand

A Mournful Kingdom Of Sand

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Vinyl LP pressing. The cabalistic duo Ak'chamel strikes again with a second record called A Mournful Kingdom of Sand. Following the publicly and critically acclaimed The Totemist (AKU1023) released in 2020, this album sucks the listener into another esoteric journey which - according to the band - is a perfect soundtrack for the desertification of our world. Ak'chamel, The Giver of Illness is an enigmatic duo from a border state. Fourth World Post-Colonial Cultural Cannibalists Circumcising The Foreskin of Enlightenment. Performing in homemade costumes and masks, they have played festivals in various cities around the U.S gaining international attention from Vice, The Wire, Tiny Mix Tapes, Consequence of Sound, and many more. They have amassed over 10 cassette albums and 1 VHS full length film.


Ak’chamel - A Mournful Kingdom Of Sand
Ak’chamel - A Mournful Kingdom Of Sand

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