Acda en De Munnik - Hier Zijn

Hier Zijn

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Acda and de Munnik was a Dutch cabaret and music duo consisting of Thomas Acda and Paul de Munnik, who have built up a large number of fans with their pop songs over the years. Hier Zijn is the duo's third studio album, consisting of 14 songs. The album includes the classic 'The captain part II', which serves as the successor to the song 'The captain', found on the previous studio album Naar Huis. The accessible pop songs contain a variety of topics, such as 'A Spanish Muslim Greet His God', 'Wrong Covenants' and 'The Beatles and Neighbors'. This 20-year anniversary edition is available as a limited & numbered edition of 1000 pieces on transparent red vinyl.


Acda en De Munnik - Hier Zijn
Acda en De Munnik - Hier Zijn

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