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Take A Trip With Tame Impala: A Discography Journey

Take A Trip With Tame Impala: A Discography Journey

"Did you know that Tame Impala is just one guy?" – a joke that every indie aficionado has heard at least once in their travels.


Well if you haven't figured it out already, yep, it really is just one dude. The Aussie sonic sorcerer himself, Kevin Parker!


Ready to enter the slow rush? Come with us as we embark on a kaleidoscopic journey through the cosmic currents of Tame Impala from their humble beginnings to their latest interstellar creations. Let's groove!


1/ 'Innerspeaker' (2010) 

'Innerspeaker', the debut album that dropped in 2010, was like a musical supernova, blasting Tame Impala into the stratosphere of psychedelic rock. It not only gave us earworm hits like "Solitude Is Bliss" and "Lucidity," but it also scored them a nomination at the 2010 ARIA Music Award for Best Cover Art. Talk about making an entrance!


2/ 'Lonerism' (2012)

In 2012, Tame Impala unleashed 'Lonerism' upon the world, solidifying their status as the reigning monarchs of psychedelic audio wizardry. Boasting bangers like "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" and "Elephant," this album was so mind-blowing that it scored them a GRAMMY nom for Best Alternative Music Album. And hey, let's not forget the unsung hero, Dave Fridmann (you know, the guy who's worked with The Flaming Lips and MGMT), who sprinkled cosmic stardust all over the production, taking the sonic landscape to levels that even aliens envy.


3/ 'Currents' (2015)

The 'C' in 'Currents' stands for 'cult status'. You heard it here first. This album is where where Tame Impala pulled a musical chameleon move, swan-diving headfirst into a pool of electronic, synth-pop brilliance. Their lead single, "Let It Happen," took us to instant lift-off, and tracks like "The Less I Know The Better" and "Eventually" continue to be absolute crowd favourites. Not only did this album snag a GRAMMY nom for Best Alternative Music Album, but it also won the prestigious ARIA Music Award for Best Rock Album, leaving us all wondering if there's anything Parker can't do. With most of the production and writing duties handled by the man himself, 'Currents' marked a bold, neon-lit turning point in his creative journey. )And yeah, we're not a huge fan of Trevor either! Iykyk). 


4/ 'The Slow Rush' (2020) 

After an agonizing five-year countdown, fans were finally blessed with the aptly-named 'The Slow Rush"'in 2020. With bangers like "Borderline" and "Lost in Yesterday," this album was like a sonic tornado that left us all dizzy in the best possible way. It didn't just earn Tame Impala their second GRAMMY nom for Best Alternative Music Album but also scored them the ARIA Music Award for Engineer of the Year, proving that Kevin Parker's musical mojo knows no bounds. 


So, there you have it, fellow audiophiles and cosmic adventurers. We've taken a groovy trip through Tame Impala's sonic universe, from 'Innerspeaker' to 'The Slow Rush'. Remember, adding these vinyl gems to your collection isn't just a suggestion; it's a one-way ticket to audio nirvana. Join the Tame Impala tribe, embrace the psychedelic magic, and let the turntable be your spaceship to the stars. Until next time, you impalas – keep it tame, keep it trippy and keep those vinyl records spinning!


(Photo of Tame Impala by Roberto Finizio/NurPhoto via Getty Images)