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Boygenius Meets World: A Discography Journey

Boygenius Meets World: A Discography Journey

Julien Baker. Phoebe Bridgers. Lucy Dacus.


The epic crossover we all deserve.


Whether you've been a fan of them since their 2018 self-titled EP or you've fallen in love with their GRAMMY-nominated 'the record' this year, it's safe to say that the boys have truly taken over the world. And it doesn't look like they are stopping any time soon.


Together they are boygenius – THE indie-rock supergroup. From relatable lyrics that hit you right in the gut to soul-stirring harmonies to evocative musical arrangements, it's no wonder they are so adored worldwide. So without further ado, we dive into their records as well as their stunning solo efforts.


1/ boygenius' self-titled (2018)

boygenius' self-titled EP is like the holy grail of indie goodness. Released in 2018, it hit the scene like a lightning bolt of raw talent. Tracks like "Bite the Hand" and "Me & My Dog" had us embarking a spaceship with an impossible view (iykyk). It's gonna make you wanna dance and cry at the same time.


2/ 'the record' by boygenius (2023)

Okay. Let's be real. The boys absolutely nailed it when they named their debut album. Simple and yet straight to the point – they truly did release THE record of 2023. From the quiet devastation of "Cool About It" to the infectious catharsis of "Not Strong Enough", the boys took us an emotional rollercoaster with this album – their friendship being an unbreakable constant throughout it all. No wonder they racked up to six GRAMMY nominations for it. 



3/ 'the rest' by boygenius (2023)

While we were all emotionally recovering from 'the record', little did we know that the boys were cooking up a surprise treat for us! 'the rest' drifted into our worlds like a night sea breeze, offering soft sounds grounded by heart-tugging storytelling.


4/ 'Turn Out the Lights' by Julien Baker (2017)

Julien Baker's record 'Turn Out the Lights' hit us like an emotional earthquake. With haunting tracks like "Appointments" and "Hurt Less," Baker gave us an album that felt like a soul-baring confession. 



5/ 'Little Oblivions' by Julien Baker (2021)

With tracks like "Hardline" and "Relative Fiction", Julien unleashed a musical force that resonated with anyone who's ever contemplated life, love, or the universe. 'Little Oblivions' is the album that is part rock rebellion and part heart-rending introspection – earning the golden ticket into our hearts and record collections.


6/ 'Stranger In The Alps' by Phoebe Bridgers (2017)

Phoebe Bridgers' record 'Stranger In The Alps' crash-landed on the music scene like a majestic comet. With heart-wrenching hits like "Motion Sickness", "Funeral" and "Scott Street", Phoebe's debut album is a therapy session undercut by the soft sounds of a celestial symphony. Get out the tissues for this one.



7/ 'Punisher' by Phoebe Bridgers (2020)

Phoebe Bridgers' 'Punisher' isn't just an album; it's a full-fledged emotional rollercoaster with tracks like "Moon Song" and "I Know The End" (note from us: if you're in need of letting off some steam then we highly recommend screaming along to this thunderstorm of a track – you can thank us later). It's no surprise that this record, with its poetic beauty and chaotic love tales, catapulted Bridgers to indie-rock superstardom, grabbing her a handful of GRAMMY nominations and hearts worldwide. 


8/ 'Historian' by Lucy Dacus (2018)

Lucy Dacus' 'Historian' is like the musical equivalent of a time-traveling novel that catapults you through an emotional whirlwind. With hit tracks like "Night Shift" – everyone say thank you Ms. Dacus for finally dropping the music video in 2023  Lucy takes you on a lyrical journey that's part heartbreak, part self-discovery, and all shades of cool. 



9/ '2019' by Lucy Dacus (2019)

Lucy Dacus' record '2019' is like a musical time machine that transports you to that wild rollercoaster of a year. With hit tracks like "Dancing in the Dark" and "My Mother & I," it's a cultural mood board of heartaches and electric moments. 


Group. Of. The. Year.


(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella)