Various Artists - Avon Calling / Various

Avon Calling / Various

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Originally released on the Heartbeat label in 1979, and featuring the likes of Glaxo Babies, X-Certs, Vice Squad, Private Dicks, and The Stingrays, Avon Calling was the statement of intent of the late '70s Bristol post-punk scene. Though Bristol is certainly not the first city that comes to mind when the term "British post-punk" is mentioned, the music scene there during the late '70s was stylistically diverse and boundary pushing. There's no better example of the fruits of that scene than Avon Calling; from straight punk to pub rock, art-punk to dubbed out jams, this comp has it all. A truly unique collection from England's most underrated post-punk metropolis."Avon Calling is a veritable riot of stunning pop." - NME


Various Artists - Avon Calling / Various
Various Artists - Avon Calling / Various

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