L.S.G. - Blueprint


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Originally released in 1994. L.S.G.'s 'Blueprint 12', containing 'Hearts' and 'Blueprint' remains an undisputed reference for a whole musical genre. It was one of the most successful releases at the time and indeed a blueprint for things to come. The man behind L.S.G. and other projects is Oliver Lieb, one of the most talented producers of electronic music. The two tracks perfectly showcase L.S.G.'s eerie sound creations in a perfect production and all his science works at it's finest in this EP. 'Hearts' is a heart-breaking tune with a distorted line and a melancholic harp evolving. 'Blueprint' adds even more depth, tension and mystery before launching it's amazingly gated synths and this famous little melody. It's unbelievable how perfect the sounds are, both on the musicality/harmony and mixing/mastering. Out of print on vinyl for almost 25 years, this new official 2022 pressing has been remastered by Oliver Lieb and is available on blue marbled color vinyl.


L.S.G. - Blueprint
L.S.G. - Blueprint

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