Kate Hudson - Glorious


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 Kate Hudson's "Glorious" on vinyl is a vibrant showcase of her musical versatility, brought to life in collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Linda Perry. The album, self-released through Virgin Music Group, spans genres from '80s synth-pop to blues and rock, reflecting a broad spectrum of emotional and stylistic range. Notably, the album was penned rapidly over two weeks, capturing a burst of creativity alongside Hudson’s fiancé, musician Danny Fujikawa, and songwriter Johan Carlsson.

The emotional depth of "Glorious" is underscored by its heartfelt narratives, with songs like "Live Forever" offering a poignant reflection on Hudson’s relationship with her son. This release not only marks Hudson’s ambitious move into music production but also her commitment to exploring personal themes through a mature, instinctual voice. Hudson’s venture into vinyl with "Glorious" promises to connect with listeners on a deeply personal level, highlighted by its rich production and diverse influences.


Kate Hudson - Glorious
Kate Hudson - Glorious

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