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Jungle Brothers - I Got U

I Got U

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The Jungle Bros embraced of a range of styles - including house music, Afrocentric philosophy, a James Brown fixation, and of course, the use of jazz sample, on this reissue double LP Release on Colored Audiophile grade Vinyl, the I got U album is remastered and re-released with additional tracks.Michael Small (Mike Gee), Nathaniel Hall (Afrika Baby Bam), and Sammy Burwell (DJ Sammy B). Known as the pioneers of the fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and house music, they were the first hip-hop group to collaborate with a house-music producer. The trio released their debut album, Straight out the Jungle in July 1988. Their hip-house club hit single, "I'll House You" was added to the album in late-1988 reissues. Fostered by Kool DJ Red Alert, the Jungle Brothers success would pave the way for de la Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and eventually the Native Tongues collective that they founded.


Jungle Brothers - I Got U
Jungle Brothers - I Got U

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