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Jos  James - No Beginning No End

No Beginning No End

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No Beginning No End is a seamless musical experience that moves between different styles with remarkable fluidity, bound together by Jose James' transcendent voice. It marks a new chapter in the artistic journey of the 33 year old singer/songwriter. Conceived, recorded and produced independently without any recording contract, the album is his most personal statement yet. James has already established himself as a trailblazer for his intoxicating blend of Jazz, R & B and Electronica from his previous three albums. His 2008 debut the Dreamer and it's 2010 follow-up, Black Magic both produced by renowned DJ Giles Peterson transformed the Minneapolis born, New York based singer into an underground sensation in both the modern Jazz and DJ culture scene. His musical path follows it's own rhyme and reason. James is a musical omnivore, an artist that resists being pigeonholed, equally at ease on stage with Jazz legend McCoy Tyner as he is in the studio with Rapper Oh No or electronic pioneer Flying Lotus.


Jos  James - No Beginning No End
Jos James - No Beginning No End

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