Eartha Kitt - Best Of Eartha Kitt

Best Of Eartha Kitt

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180-Gram Vinyl Limited Edition. American singer, actress, comedian, dancer and activist Eartha Kitt was celebrated for her highly distinctive singing style. Her recordings of "C'est si bon" and the Christmas novelty song "Santa Baby" became instant classics and are presented here along with many other hits. Eartha Kitt epitomized the idea of the sex kitten chanteuse, rising to fame with a nightclub act centered on her slinky stage presence and her throaty purr of a voice. As much as she enjoyed vamping it up, she also projected the image of an exotic international sophisticate, especially since she sang in several different languages. She brought a definite zest to her torch songs. Orson Welles once called Kitt the "most exciting woman in the world". This 180-gram VINYL EDITION presents Eartha Kitt's 18 GREATEST HITS.


Eartha Kitt - Best Of Eartha Kitt
Eartha Kitt - Best Of Eartha Kitt

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