Cloven Hoof - Time Assassin

Time Assassin

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"Time Assassin" is the brand new album from Cloven Hoof. Following on from the success of the "Dominator" album, "Time Assassin" heralds mankind's saviour in the form of a genetic super soldier bred to be a trained ninja assassin. He is chosen to go back in time and destroy the dominator before birth, thus ending the time stream forever. The consequence of this was the Dark Lord would never have existed so his reign of terror is destroyed once and for all. It also asks the question: Would anyone sacrifice their lives to be an unsung hero? The time assassin had the knowledge that everything he knew would cease to be if he was successful in his mission and he would save the galaxy from eternal suffering and slavery but no one would ever know. His mission of course is a success and his sense of honour and duty prevails. But put into the same situation, who would be so brave and self sacrificing?


Cloven Hoof - Time Assassin
Cloven Hoof - Time Assassin

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