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Mac Miller Starter Pack

Mac Miller Starter Pack


Dive into the introspective realm of the Mac Miller's discography, featuring the soulful vibes of 'Swimming', the poignant melodies of 'Circles', the introspective depth of 'Faces', and the dreamy sonics of 'Watching Movies with the Sound Off'. Mac Miller is lyrical maestro, with hits like "Dang!", "Good News", and "Objects in the Mirror" resonating deeply in the hearts of listeners. The ultimate form of self care? Spinning Mac Miller's records – all day, every day. Leave all your worries in the rear-view & let Mac take you to a better place.

  1. UPC: 093624904236 - Swimming [2LP]
  2. UPC: 093624905592 - Circles [Clear 2LP]
  3. UPC: 093624881391 - Faces [Yellow 3LP]
  4. UPC: 196922266256 - Watching Movies with the Sound Off (10 Year Anniversary Edition) [Galaxy/Zeotrope 3LP]


Mac Miller Starter Pack
Mac Miller Starter Pack

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