Interview With Multi-Platinum Songwriter & Producer Jennifer Decilveo

Interview With Multi-Platinum Songwriter & Producer Jennifer Decilveo

Meet Jennifer Decilveo – the Multi-Platinum Songwriter & Producer who is behind many of your pop's biggest hitmakers such as FLETCHER, Miley Cyrus and many more.


Here, Jennifer tells us about how a great collaborative spirit was the constant key ingredient to the success of these records, her proudest credits and more.


In 2022, FLETCHER released her debut album 'Girl Of My Dreams', on which Jennifer is credited as a Songwriter and Producer on.


"It was a super creative and collaborative experience. I really value Cari's perspective and her desire to tell true stories. It was super important for us to capture that. Every song we wrote was from a real experience with real emotions, embodying all of the highs and lows, love and pain and everything in between. My favorite track would probably either be "Sting" or "Serial Heartbreaker". I love the drop in "Sting", but also love the melody and lyrics of "Serial Heartbreaker" so much - especially the 'OOOs' in the chorus! It's always so fun writing songs with FLETCHER."


She also contributed her pop prowess to another critically acclaimed debut record, Melanie Martinez' 'Cry Baby' which was released in 2015.


"'Cry Baby' was written by Mel and myself in a small studio in New York City. She had the concept and we worked off that. Mel is so fun and energetic and free in the studio, so it was a pleasure to write this along side her. We wrote it on piano and then added production and then Mel's main producer Mikey Keenan finished it off! LOVE THIS SONG! It has such attitude and bite."


Jennifer continues to wins the hearts of many, contributing to Miley Cyrus' phenomenal album 'Plastic Hearts', which came out in 2020. 


"I wrote "High" on 'Plastic Hearts' along with my friend Cailtyn Smith and Miley. This song has such emotion and I love how the chorus jumps out. I especially feel connected to the story and hope that lyric and melody."


We asked Jennifer if there are any records she worked on that she is really proud of. It's clear that she is considered part of the cream of the crop in the biz with these wonderful accolades;


"I loved working on the upcoming Hozier album and latest Bat for Lashes' 'Kids in the Dark' record. The sonic landscapes of these albums were so fun to make. One of my other favorite songs I produced was MARINA's 'Man's World'. I love how it sounds and is so lush, but also so intricate arrangement-wise. This one was so fun to produce. "Man's World" was one of the last songs I recoded in 2020, and we did it at Barefoot Studios before the world shut down."


And last but not least, Jennifer shared some of her personal faves, outside of her own work, with us!


"Oh! Thats such a good question. I am such a fan of so many things but I find myself always going back to CCR's ' The Concert', Joni Mitchell's 'Blue', Regina Spektor's 'Begin To Hope'. But also Adele always ceases to amaze me – I was absolutely blown away by "Strangers by Nature" on '30'. I listen to that song a lot and I adore how it sounds. And then on the polar opposite side of the spectrum I LOVE "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. The way that song moves and grows and sounds is epic to me - the production is stylized, perfect, unique, warm and gritty at the same time. Trent Reznor is pretty iconic. I must have listened to that song 100s of times."


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