blink-182's Timeless Discography: From 'One More Time...' to Legendary Anthems

blink-182's Timeless Discography: From 'One More Time...' to Legendary Anthems

Hailing from sunny California, blink-182 is the epitome of pop-punk awesomeness. Formed in the early '90s, they've been serenading our angsty teenage hearts for decades. 


And now they are back at it again with their newly announced album, 'One More Time...'! But before we dive into the future, let's take our skateboards down memory lane with their discography in reverse order. Pop-punk millennials, get ready to relive the hits and discover some hidden gems!



1/ 'One More Time...' (2023)

New, exciting, and pure Blink magic! In the midst of their epic reunion tour that had fans packing arenas, amphitheaters, and stadiums worldwide, the iconic trio cooked up 'One More Time...' between 2022 and 2023. This album is the real deal, with a whopping 17 brand-spankin' – new tracks that showcase the band in their prime. Expect a rollercoaster of emotions as they dive into themes of tragedy, triumph, and, of course, the unbreakable bonds of brotherhood.



2/ 'NINE' (2019)

'Nine' might not have racked up GRAMMY gold, but it's a diamond in the rough. With tracks like "Darkside" and "Blame It on My Youth," it's like the pop-punk version of a treasure chest – pure gold.


3/ 'California' (2016)

'California' not only revived the pop-punk flame but also bagged a GRAMMY for "Best Rock Album." Hits like "Bored to Death" and "She's Out of Her Mind" are the kind of earworms you can't escape, even if you wanted to.


4/ 'Neighborhoods' (2011)

'Neighborhoods' might not have been a chart-topper, but it's a hidden gem in their collection. Tracks like "Up All Night" and "After Midnight" showcase their evolution and creativity.


5/ 'blink-182' (2003)

Their self-titled album saw them taking a more mature route, and it paid off as it produced cult fave "I Miss You". Blink was growing up, but they still knew how to party.


6/ 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket' (2001)

'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket' is where it's at! This album became the first punk record to debut at number one on the US Billboard 200. "First Date" and "The Rock Show" are just some of the gems that still make us feel like rebellious teenagers.


7/ 'Enema of the State' (1999)

This is the album that shot them to superstardom. With timeless hits like "All the Small Things" and "What's My Age Again?," it's not just an album; it's a cultural phenomenon. And if you don't know the words to "All the Small Things," are you even a pop-punk fan?



8/ 'Dude Ranch' (1997)

'Dude Ranch' marked their sophomore release and paved the way for their future glory. Tracks like "Dammit" and "Josie" take us back to a time when life was simpler, and our pants were baggier.


9/ 'Cheshire Cat' (1995)

Blink-182's debut album, 'Cheshire Cat', dropped like a punk-rock bomb in 1994. While it didn't snag any major awards, it sure as heck left a cultural crater in the pop-punk universe. This rad record featured tracks like "M+M's" and "Wasting Time," setting the stage for Blink's iconic career. 


10/ 'Buddha (1994)

'Buddha', Blink-182's 1994 album was the punk-rock gem that laid the foundation for their epic career. Tracks like "Carousel" and "TV" showcased their raw energy and knack for catchy hooks. This DIY masterpiece remains a must-listen for pop-punk enthusiasts, serving as a time capsule of Blink's early, rebellious spirit.


Pop-punk Kings

Blink-182 isn't just a band; they're a pop-punk institution. Their witty lyrics, catchy melodies, and rebellious spirit have influenced countless artists like Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and All Time Low to carry the pop-punk torch forward. With an unparalleled blend of humor, angst, and energy, Blink-182 has become synonymous with pop-punk, and their legacy continues to grow.


Now that you've taken a journey through Blink-182's discography, it's time to enhance your collection with their vinyl records. Trust us; hearing "I Miss You" on vinyl is a transcendental experience. So, fellow pop-punk millennials, whether you're a nostalgic fan or a newbie, get ready to spin some classics and keep an ear out for 'One More Time...' – blink-182 is here to stay!


Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images