Pitch Black - Ape To Angel

Ape To Angel

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Double vinyl LP pressing. Pitch Black's breakthrough album finally pressed on vinyl. Ape to Angel took the momentum of the preceding albums to new levels, with the sound becoming fuller and the bass more driving. The duo tweaked the sounds of club culture around the dub heart of the album, blending sinuous bass lines, simmering rhythms and echoing acidic synths to electrifying effect. They also wrote their first fully vocal song, Elements Turn, with veteran singer Sandy Mill, and sampled Estonian satellite transmissions for Lost in Translation. Originally unleashed in New Zealand in October 2004 by Kog Transmissions, the album's infectious rhythms weaved their way round the world, finding fans from Copenhagen to Cape Town, and securing release in North America by the esteemed Waveform label, Europe by Dubmission and Japan by the cult Wakyo imprint. Critically acclaimed, with DJ Mag awarding it five stars, the release of Ape to Angel led to a 42 date tour round the world which included their North American debut.


Pitch Black - Ape To Angel
Pitch Black - Ape To Angel

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