Mya Byrne - Rhinestone Tomboy

Rhinestone Tomboy

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Playing Americana steeped with potent branches of blues, rock, glam and country music, Mya Byrne is every bit the voice of the outsider that built the foundation of the genre, where we behold stages beaming with the light of those who are so willing to stand tall and confident in the entirety of their truth. Here Byrne stands too. Americana has many champions, but there are scarce few like Byrne; a queer trans woman creating ripples that will find themselves born again and again as waves. On Rhinestone Tomboy, we are treated to a portrait painted with shades of Byrne's youth, one spent listening to stacks of her mama's dusty 45s, and thrift store 8-tracks blasting from blown speakers out the window of an old Chevy. Songs that opened the trailhead to a lifelong journey that informed Byrne's musical landscape.


Mya Byrne - Rhinestone Tomboy
Mya Byrne - Rhinestone Tomboy

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