Growth Eternal - Parasail-18


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The Growth Eternal is Tulsa-native Byron Crenshaw - descendant of Black Wall Street pioneers. Currently residing in Los Angeles, the jazz bassist, vocodorist, producer/songwriter/composer, artist and activist presents PARASAiL-18 - the debut full-length album. Byron explains his new album: "PARASAiL-18 was a 4 year process, and this process has made me as much as I've made it. What is this album all about?My escape in all it's different forms: Hope, drugs, sex, desire, daydreaming, nightwalking, burial, fire, and fun. The Parasail represents our momentary relief from the weight of the world. The "18" represents the point in my life where I needed to escape most. The lowercase "i" represents ego dissolution and yielding to things as they are. The end of our escape."


Growth Eternal - Parasail-18
Growth Eternal - Parasail-18

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