Dillon - 6abotage


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Vinyl LP pressing. Dillon's fourth LP, 6abotage, captures today's zeitgeist like few others. A work of sore desperation but also reassuring devotion. Her fourth, and perhaps boldest, album project, 6abotage, marks Dillon's first full-length since 2017's Kind. Described by Dillon herself as "a love letter, a cry for help and a consequence, all in one", 6abotage is the unapologetic manifestation of Dillon's latest artistic excursion with artist and producer Alexis Troy. Together Dillon and Troy have created a lyrically and sonically captivating and genre-bending body of work. The unmistakable soreness of Dillon's voice surrounded by and embedded within Troy's decisive and, at times, almost cinematic production defeat all genre stereotypes. Written, produced and recorded in complete isolation, 6abotage reflects today's zeitgeist. It is sore and desperate but also reassuring and devoted. 6abotage is a successful protest. A successful protest against stereotypes and preconceptions. A protest against excessive suffering. A protest for self-love. A protest for patience and vulnerability. A protest for forgiveness and growth.


Dillon - 6abotage
Dillon - 6abotage

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