Crooked Whispers - Funeral Blues

Funeral Blues

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Funeral Blues - The Crooked Whispers - A true ode to darkness, the eight tracks from The Crooked Whispers' new album are brimming with evil riffs, occultism and horror stories inspired by black magic books. Sonic influences include Black Sabbath, Venom, Death SS, LaVey's "The Satanic Mass", Lucifer's Friend, Thergothon, and Burning Witch. Made up of of musicians hailing from the United States and Argentina, the satanic psych-doom trio were nominated as Best New band in the 2021 Doomed And Stoned Awards. Vinyl LP pressing. These occult sludge doomsters go their own way and the path they pave is pretty brilliant.


Crooked Whispers - Funeral Blues
Crooked Whispers - Funeral Blues

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