Richie Weeks - The Love Magician Archives: Disco New York City 1978-79 Vol 1

Richie Weeks
Richie Weeks' work as a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer was foundational to New York's disco, boogie funk, house scenes and beyond. From the late 1970s right through to the 1990s he racked up releases on a multitude of labels in the USA and abroad while leading groups such as Weeks & Co. And The Jammers and recording as Bambu, Major Weeks and Jiraffe. Past Due Records due signed Weeks in 2019 and set about realigning his legacy. This triple album of previously unreleased music, cut to a DJ-friendly template of two tracks per side, focuses in on the eye of the disco storm, namely the years 1978-9, and the 12 tracks instantly transport you back to a NYC of steaming sidewalks and liberated fire hydrants. These are immaculately crafted songs, delivered with smooth confidence by Weeks, but arranged with plenty of instrumental grooving - check the slinky bassline on 'Find That Disco Rhythm' (version 2)' or the blissful, elongated funk-style intro to 'Love Magician' for further proof.