Novelty Island - Wallsend Weekend Television

Wallsend Weekend Television

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2023 release. Novelty Island follow up their stunning debut How Are You Coping With This Century? with Wallsend Weekend Television. Novelty Island is the bizarre-pop project of Liverpool-based songwriter / producer, Tom McConnell. Wallsend Weekend Television is an album that has been a long time coming. His body of work started taking shape through various incarnations and projects over the years. In 2018 he made the ultimate pilgrimage from his native north to Abbey Road Institute with all of these songs in hand. This is where Novelty Island was born, inspired by classic pop, woozy electronica and northern wordplay. McConnell would record in session at Damon Albarn's Studio 13 and in Abbey Road Studios 2 and 3, giving him the freedom to explore and create the album. Whittled down from 80 songs and an almost infinite combination of track listings, it has driven him mad at many points.


Novelty Island - Wallsend Weekend Television
Novelty Island - Wallsend Weekend Television

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