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Danzig - 777: I Luciferi [Red]

777: I Luciferi [Red]

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The concluding album of Danzig's epic seven-album metal journey '777: I Luciferi' is filled to the brim with unforgettable tracks. Reviews hailed the album with LA Weekly praising its "controlled, relentless darkness and passion" and Blistering noting "not a weak moment on the album". Standout tracks include the two hit singles "Wicked Pussycat" and "Kiss The Skull", as well as the menacing closer, "Without Light, I Am!" This album marks the last contribution of Joey Castillo as a member before his departure to Queens of the Stone Age.


Danzig - 777: I Luciferi [Red]
Danzig - 777: I Luciferi [Red]

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