Atrocity - OKKULT III


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Atrocity are back with full force! "OKKULT III" marks the furious finale of the "OKKULT" album trilogy, and it is packed with brutal death metal galore!The chart-breaker "OKKULT II" already delighted the Atrocity fan community and the metal press alike with thrilling death metal songs that get under your skin. With "OKKULT III", Atrocity will finally drive their fan base to the point of ecstasy. Atrocity master the art of German death metal and deliver the full package with brain-melting metal riffs, brutal drum attacks and vicious death metal vocals! The merciless opener "Desecration Of God" or the neck-breakers "Lycanthropia" and "Priest Of Plague" already set the tone of "OKKULT III": Dark, evil and a punch right in the face! The ultimate Mastersound Studio production by Alex Krull crowns "OKKULT III"! The lyrical concept about the dark side of human history, obscure stories and mysterious places was spun further on "OKKULT III". We look deep into the mental abysses of the serial killer Józef Cyppek from Szczecin, Poland, in the 1950's ("Cypka"), experience the great conspiracy of the "Schwarze Reichswehr" after World War I ("Born To Kill"), dive into the world of modern ghost conjuring ("Faces From Beyond") and into the occult machinations of the Vatican and the order of the Knights Templar ("Bleeding For Blasphemy"). Excellent guest contributions by Robse Dahn (Equilibrium) and Australian keyboard artist Misstiq on "Teufelsmarsch"; Elina Siirala (Leaves' Eyes), Zoë Marie Federoff (Catalyst Crime, Cradle Of Filth) and Jonah Weingarten (Catalyst Crime, Pyramaze) on "Malicious Sukkubus" as well as a spoken word performance and screams by Polish actor, musician and book author Igor Górewicz on "Cypka" provide additional chilling moments on "OKKULT III". Emmy Award-winning Canadian sound designer Katie Halliday ("SAW", "Stranger Things", "The Strain", "Star Trek: Discovery" etc. ) also provides the striking horror sound effects on the third installment of the "OKKULT" series, which perfectly support the dark atmosphere of the album. The impressive artwork by Stefan Heilemann (Lindemann, Dimmu Borgir, Epica etc. ) has once again become a real eye-catcher and perfectly underlines the atmosphere of "OKKULT III".


Atrocity - OKKULT III
Atrocity - OKKULT III

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